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Turn Play Time Into Learning Time With Eggy the Robot Tutor

This ground-breaking robotic system from WEDRAW Technology and PenPalBots is the perfect learning tool for kids aged 3 and up. You'll be surprised at what this little guy can do!

Nurture your child's creativity and slow down their fast-paced world with Eggy!

Nurture Your Child's Creativity and Slow Down Their Fast-Paced World with Eggy

Robotics is one of the future industries that will be booming in 10-15 years when our kids graduate from school. Introduce them to this fascinating world with Eggy the Robot Tutor.

Watch their face light up in wonder as Eggy springs into life and starts drawing beautiful illustration style artwork, while talking and giving information about what's being drawn.

Eggy the Robot Tutor Uses Cutting Edge Technology

What Makes Eggy the Robot Tutor PERFECT For You

✔️ Easy to set up - Just clip on the magnetized arms, insert any standard marker (2 included) and swipe one of the Eggy RFID lesson cards!
✔️ A versatile teacher - Eggy teaches a huge range of subjects: Art, EnglishMath, Geography and more!
✔️ Built-in battery - With a 5.5 hour charge for learning on the go!
✔️ Future Proof  Eggy has a range of add-on card packs and more will be released in the months ahead. Eggy will also be compatible with future robotic learning products from PenPalBots and WEDRAW Technology - so it can grow with your child. 
✔️ Upgradeable Eggy has an SD card slot for firmware updates 

Eggy the Robot Tutor Is A MUST-HAVE For Any Savvy Parent!

Educational robot for kids – Wedrawrobot

What's in the Box?

✔️ Eggy Robot Tutor from WEDRAW

✔️ Magnetic Detachable Drawing Arm 

✔️ 2 x Markers

✔️ User Manual

✔️ 26 x Letter Cards (A to Z)

✔️10 x Number Cards (0 to 9)

✔️ 10 x Art Lesson Cards (Fantasy Monsters)

✔️  5 x Math Cards

✔️  5 x English Cards

✔️ USB Charging Cable

Eggy is Easy to Set Up and Use For Kids 3+

Eggy speaks to your child in a friendly human voice and leads them on a journey of discovery! You simply scan one of the included RFID cards and Eggy springs into life - talking, and encouraging your child to draw, spell and do math tasks!

Each drawing is broken down into a series of easy to follow steps

 Soon your child will be confidently drawing the Eggy card items and happily combining them into scenes and stories of their own!

After each drawing activity, Eggy can prompt your child to spell the word that they've just drawn, and gently correct them if the wrong letter is chosen.

We have stock of Eggy in USA for immediate delivery!

No artistic skill is required; you just need a blank sheet of paper and something to draw with!

FREE Worldwide Shipping

Eggy is future proof, with a range of add-on cards sets currently available, and more coming soon! 
The built-in battery and freedom to use any standard felt-tipped marker means you can easily take Eggy everywhere you go. 
The ingeniously designed magnetic arms easily clip on and off for easy use.

 Be one of the first people to own Eggy the Robot Tutor! 

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Eggy Expansion Cards

Math: Fantasy Creatures - 10pcs-Eggy Cards-PenPalBots

Math: Fantasy Creatures - 10pcs


English / Art: Occupations - 10pcs-Eggy Cards-PenPalBots

English / Art: Occupations - 10pcs


English / Art: Animals - Who Am I? Set 2 - 10pcs-Eggy Cards-PenPalBots

English / Art: Animals - Who Am I? Set 2 - 10pcs


Life Skills: Emotions - 10pcs-Eggy Cards-PenPalBots

Life Skills: Emotions - 10pcs


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