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Charity update for June and July 2020

James Marshall | Jul 20, 20

A quick update on our charity contribution for June and July 2020

James Marshall | Jun 17, 20
The Importance of Art in Child Development

In recent years, school curricula in the United States have shifted heavily toward common core subjects of reading and math, but what about the arts?

James Marshall | Jun 03, 20
Quincy the Robot Artist - Learning Ideas

Quincy is more than just a fun learning toy. You can also use it as a valuable teaching tool. Read about some of the ways we've been using Quincy in our online and offline classes!

James Marshall | May 12, 20
Charity Update - May 2020

The school centre has been closed due to the virus outbreak, but Kim Ny at the I See I Do charity program has started building up the school farm program and has added a huge range of poultry to the centre to bring in income to keep the program running!

James Marshall | May 06, 20
Quincy Artist Robot Review

In this review of the LANDZO Quincy robot I'll outline the key features, pros and cons of the device and share first-hand experience using the robot in my online classes and also from observing my 7 year old daughter using it.

James Marshall | May 03, 20
6 Benefits of Drawing

Few activities come as naturally to young children as drawing. Whether your child’s medium is chalk on a sidewalk or crayons on printer paper, he or she likely enjoys the act of creating art.