We Care for Kids

We Care for Kids

One of the main goals in starting the PenPalBots business was to generate enough income so that I'd be able to become a full-time volunteer teacher in my chosen home of SE Asia.
I'm originally from Australia and have been teaching English, Art and Drama in China, Taiwan and Thailand since 2007.
During my travels in this region I've seen first-hand the devastating effect that poverty can have on kids and their chance of a good education.
We donate a minimum of 10% of monthly profit to the 'I See I Do' charity program in Takeo Province, Cambodia and currently sponsor one child in the area that was living in extreme poverty.
We plan to sponsor more kids in the future and eventually fund the building of an emergency housing centre for orphans and families in need.
You can find more information about the 'I See I Do' charity on Facebook or email charity@penpalbots.com
- James Marshall, CEO of PenPalBots

Our Charity Program

Providing support to disadvantaged kids in rural Cambodia


The 'I See I Do' charity program has built a school in Takeo Province and provides free education to over 100 local kids that would otherwise never be able to afford schooling.

Health Care

We provide emergency relief for people living with disabilities and the 'I See I Do' program provides ongoing food and healthcare support to many disabled people in the local area.


PenPalBots currently sponsors one child and our monthly contribution means that they're able to go to school each day and don't need to work to support their family.